The ERRIC products protect you and your loved ones against germs, viruses, allergens,…. In addition, they provide a safe and healthy environment.

Our products are made of only high quality ingredients to guarantee a quality product.

Hand gels

ERRIC Hand Gel is an effective antimicrobial alcoholic gel for optimal, long-term hand hygiene.
Apply 3 ml of ERRIC Hand Gel, massage in the hands and allow to dry.

The gel contains 70% ethyl alcohol.

A highly effective disinfectant gel that ensures optimal results.
Made with only high quality ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out and to guarantee a high quality, odourless product.

Probiotic Sprays

ERRIC Probiotic Spray offers optimal personal hygiene and protection. This probiotic spray greatly reduces the risk of the presence of microbes. Which minimizes the risk of bacterial infections.

Probiotic Airpurification

ERRIC Probiotic Air Purifier is an ultrasonic nebulizer for a healthy environment!

The unique formula is dispersed very finely via ultrasonic nebulisation. As a result, the probiotic purifies the air and all surfaces.

As a result, allergens are actively broken down, odors are fought and the risk of harmful germs is reduced. Probiotics contribute to a good skin microflora. Our probiotics are 100% natural and safe for humans and animals. Works exclusively with the original refills.

FFP1 Comfort Mask

The ERRIC FFP1 Comfort Mask is a disposable medical mask that protects against infectious agents transmitted by “droplets.”

If worn by a healthy person, the comfort mask protects this person and his or her environment (air, surfaces, equipment, other people,…). If worn by a contagious person, it prevents that person from contaminating his or her surroundings and environment.

  • FFP1 Comfort Mask (10-pack)

     15,37 incl. VAT
  • FFP1 Comfort Mask (3-pack)

     5,25 incl. VAT

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